"New" Genuine Jeep Wrangler tires Nashua

"New" Genuine Jeep Wrangler Tire and Wheel Sets in Nashua

If you are looking for "NEW" original equipment stock Jeep Wrangler wheel and tire packages you can stop looking and hunting. 

I have the best sets of Jeep Wrangler tires and wheels. 

The Jeep Wrangler tire and wheel packages are taken off of new Wranglers at the dealership or the custom shops nearby. No miles.

"New" sets from $600.  See my "Sets" page.

My Wrangler tires are "new". My prices are low. You will not be disappointed.

Thanks for checking with me.


Four pages of items for sale,    Sets page,    Special sets,    Other items,    Older Jeeps.

I have 4 pages of items for sale

Tire and wheel packages, TPMS, Wheel Adapters, leveling lift kits Nashua NH

  1. Sets Page:  Sets of 5 that I generally have
  2. Special Sets: Special Editions, sets of 4, etc.
  3. Other items: Pressure sensors, wheel locks
  4. Older Jeeps: adapters for older Wranglers

A couple of things to think about

Upgrade to Rubicon's
JL Rubicon 6BZ39TRMAA


  •    Do you really want to buy brand new tires and mount and balance them on your old, not so great looking, used wheels? My wheels, tires, and sensors are "NEW"!
  •    Upgrade your wheels for very little. Some of my sets sell for less than the price of just the tires at Walmart!  OR, Upgrade to a nicer set of wheels for a little more.
  •    One more thing about cost...you may be able to sell your old set to lower your cost to upgrade. THE KEY IS...upgrade when you can STILL SELL what you have.

One more Thing


Be Careful

If you are thinking of shopping elsewhere, be careful!!

I constantly see sellers claiming many less miles than their pictures show!​

See my proof page!