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Jeep Wrangler Tire Pressure Sensors in Nashua

TPMS NASHUA, Tire pressure monitoring sensors,Tire sensors, 68241067AA, 68241067AB, 56029398AA,

Genuine Jeep Wrangler Tire Pressure Sensors. TPMS

"New"  Jeep Wrangler Tire Pressure Sensors in Nashua.

Don't put new tires over your old sensors.

For 2013 and newer Jeeps.
Genuine take-off sensors sets $150.

with a set of tires. 


​After market sensors sets of 5  $85.

TPMS in Nashua

Part numbers
68241067AA, 68241067AB
56029398AA, 56029398AB
56029479AA, 56029479AB
These sensors work on Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, and Fiat
Mfg: Schrader
433 MHz for 2013 and newer
315 MHz for 2012* and older

*some 2011,2012 can be either

Jeep Wrangler Wheel Locking Lugs in Nashua

Wrangler Wheel lock
 Mopar: 82211405, 82215711
McGard: 24538, 24548
Gorilla: 71481NB5,   71681NBC5

 Mopar Locking Lugs

JL Lock Sets of 5

Mopar Chrome $40. 
Sets of 4 for other vehicles $35.

JK Lock Sets of 5
Mopar Chrome $25.

Gorilla Chrome or Black $25.


Free* with a set of tires 

*see each sets details
In Stock  

JL Size:

14mm x 1.5 

Fits Ram trucks

Fits many others

JK Size:

 1/2" x 20

Mopar: 82211405, 82215711

McGard: 24538, 24548

Gorilla: 71481NB5,   71681NBC5

Jeep Wrangler Wheels locking lugs in Nashua.

Jeep Wrangler Lug Nuts

Jeep Wrangler lug nuts, Chrome gorilla lug nuts, Gorilla Lugs 41188HT, 41188BC

 Chrome or Black Lug Nuts

JL Lugs:

14mm x 1.5

Mopar Chrome JL Wrangler take-off lugs

Full sets of 23

$25. Chrome only

Sets of 20 $22.00

Fits Ram trucks

Fits many others 

JK lugs:

1/2" x 20

Gorilla full set of 23
$25. Chrome or black


FREE* with a set of tires
*see each sets details

Gorilla Lugs 41188HT, 41188BC

Chrome or Black Gorilla Lug Nuts

Spare tire holder

Part number 55397217
Spare tire holder 2007-2017

 Spare tire holder for 2007-2017 Wranglers

Aluminum holder.

One piece

No wiring or light 

Part number 55397217


In Stock

Chrome Hub Caps in Nashua

chrome hub caps Nashua

 Chrome Hub Caps for JK Sport S Wheels

Chrome plastic covers for 17 inch  5 spoke Sport S wheels.

New in box $65. Set of Four

In Stock

Center caps


 Center caps for JK and JL Sahara and Rubicon wheels

Center caps for 17 inch Rubicon wheels and 18 inch Sahara wheels.  Also fits the new JL Sport S 17 and 18 inch wheels.

Original equipment caps and aftermarket caps.

Black, Chrome, Gray, Silver

Set of 5 $25. 

Singles  $10.00 each 

In Stock

 Part numbers: 1LB77TRMAC, 1LB77RXFAB, 1LB77DX8AC, 1LB77SZ0AB, 6AE00CDMAA, 5HT59TRMAC, 5HT59TRMAB