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If you have an older Wrangler, 1997 to 2006, TJ, you can upgrade to these Wrangler tire and wheel packages with adapters. See older Jeeps page.

An onboard diagnostic interface

If you are going to larger tires, and thinking the speedometer may be off, you can fix that.


Vgate iCar OBD II interface is a powerful car diagnostic tool.  

With this tool and a phone app you can:

Recalibrate your speedometer.

Shut off tire pressure sensors light.

Set lower PSI for light to come on.

One touch unlock all 4 doors.

Check engine codes information.

Clear check engine codes.

Program many other features.

Access HUGE amounts of other information about your vehicle.

WORKS WITH HUNDREDS OF APPS - The Vgate iCar Pro Bluetooth Low Energy device works with the most popular OBD apps. 

Just plug it in.

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$33.00  In Stock

Free app or pay app also needed.