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A nice set of Wrangler tires and wheels is almost on your Jeep. Call/Text 603-883-5629


All the prices quoted are cash and carry.

I can take credit cards or use paypal.

They charge fees.

About $30 on a $1000. sale price.

19 Derry Rd, Hudson, New Hampshire 03051

(603) 883-5629


7 Days  -  By appointment

An onboard diagnostic interface

If you are going to larger tires, and thinking the speedometer may be off, you can fix that.


Vgate iCar OBD II interface is a powerful car diagnostic tool.  

With this tool and a phone app you can:

Recalibrate your speedometer.

Shut off tire pressure sensors light.

Set lower PSI for light to come on.

One touch unlock all 4 doors.

Check engine codes information.

Clear check engine codes.

Program many other features.

Access HUGE amounts of other information about your vehicle.

WORKS WITH HUNDREDS OF APPS - The Vgate iCar Pro Bluetooth Low Energy device works with the most popular OBD apps. 

Just plug it in.

On the "other items page"

$33.00  In Stock

Free app or pay app also needed.